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what is an integrated development  process? 

It's a process that aims at personal and/or professional development, integrating several dimensions that together determine a way of being, acting, thinking, and relating, in the face of a relevant and objective topic for the client, that is, something they want to transform, develop or enhance.

Our proposal is to examine automatic models that have been formed over time, so that we can create internal space for the construction of new competencies and desired changes.

In this sense, we propose expanding personal awareness by strengthening the SELF-OBSERVER. This allows us to understand why we have difficulty dealing with certain factors, and based on this perception, we can make choices to make our interactions more fluid and fruitful.

In short, we become the protagonists of our own history.

how does it develop? 

The sessions are one hour or one and a half hours long, according to the client's needs and availability.

In the first session, we will get to know each other better and identify your needs and the general structure of the process.

As the sessions progress, we will delve into topics and subtopics that emerge in the process.

You will gradually be equipped with tools and a deeper understanding of your way of being in relation to the issues that you understand to be most relevant to your life in a systemic way.

With each session, you will create and strengthen internal "muscles" and expand your awareness of yourself, how you understand and interact with the "world," and your automated patterns of response (defenses).

The length of the process varies according to your personal journey and your perception of the progress of the issues to be developed or personal goals achieved!"


It is a process that simultaneously works on the various dimensions (spiritual, psychological/psychosomatic, social, biological) present in all of us in a systemic and integrated way.

This set of factors t form and "format" over time are a result of life experiences and social and family values.

Our life story contributes to the construction of competencies that help us overcome professional and personal challenges. Paradoxically, they also shape limiting beliefs that make it difficult to deal with certain factors and to make the necessary or desired changes.

Although the program is based on a pre-established development path, as the meetings progress and the central topic is gradually deepened, some subtopics emerge.

This is because we become more aware of our various dimensions and can perceive them from different perspectives.

Each general goal achieved is called a development cycle, which is constructed through simple exercises and proposed tools.

This process as a whole operates in three temporal dimensions simultaneously: past, present, and future."


SpiritualIn the spiritual dimension, we work primarily on self-knowledge, as well as the set of essential values. There is no religious connotation, the goal is to discover or deepen the perception of what is really important and what guides us.

Psychological / Psychosomatic: In the psychological dimension, we work on ways of acting and reacting - results of a mental process, that is, how we understand situations and how we respond to them (or mental models). In this dimension, we also work on the mind/body relationship and somatic processes derived from this relationship.

Social: In the social dimension, we address relationships broadly: personal and professional. How we interact, how we position ourselves, how we react, etc.

Biological: In this dimension, we seek to understand our "role" within a larger, interdependent, and "ecological" system.


Past:   Observing the life history allows us to highlight factors that contributed to the formation of beliefs, images and blockages that can make changes difficult, since they become automated processes. 

Gift:  As we become more aware of our automatic patterns, we can choose those that benefit us and those that bring us difficulties. The incorporation of these learnings is reinforced through simple exercises and various tools in our daily lives.

Future: Gradually, the necessary or desired muscles and competencies are built. At the end of the process, they will contribute to achieving short, medium, and long-term goals, as well as bringing more awareness and power of choice, making us the protagonists of our lives.

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