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who am I

angela andreopoulos

I started my professional journey very early in life. As the daughter of immigrants, I learned to dedicate part of my day to work from early childhood. I became an entrepreneur before I reached adulthood and ventured into different sectors, learning from both mistakes and successes.

At 35, I underwent my first major life change by becoming a sustainability consultant, a new passion that grew and expanded me as a professional and as a person.

Along this path, I worked on awakening and expanding consciousness, which made me realize that changes, although seemingly scary, are absolutely enriching.

This life experience and, above all, curiosity, sparked a desire to help other people on their path of consciousness and desired changes.

I sought to perfect myself through training as a therapist, coach, and other personal development processes so that I could offer my best, along with my experience, to people who are seeking a more meaningful, fulfilling, and accomplished life.


She worked as an entrepreneur for 20 years in various sectors, mainly textiles and e-commerce. 
A partner of  ATTITUDE SUSTENTÁVEL since 2005, it has focused its efforts on incorporating sustainability concepts into strategy and as an opportunity for business growth. 
Graduated in Production Process Management and from Integral Coaching Canada - Associated Coaching - (2009)
Therapist trained by DEP - Energetic Psychic Dynamics (2010)
He has been attending Pathwork groups for 8 years. 
Creator of Inner Path – Integrated Development where she composed an integral and integrated methodology that focuses on personal and leadership development. 

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